Realising I have an iron stomach

The trouble with being badly myopic is that when you take your glasses off, you find yourself swimming in a sea of blurred colours. So when I poured myself some transparent skim milk into a white mug, I was none the wiser.

Milk probably shouldn’t look like this.

I consider myself lucky that I suffered absolutely no consequences despite drinking a whole glassful before realising that something was terribly off.

It makes me wonder if my time at boarding school has made me invulnerable to food poisoning.

I’ll never forget my first breakfast at boarding school.  “This is nice. Cornflakes and raisins,” I had thought to myself as I moved to get some. I remember being put off cornflakes for a few months when upon closer inspection, the raisins started moving and flying about.

The upside is that eating fly-pathogen laced food for a couple of years has apparently given me an iron stomach – but that does not mean I plan to be eating any more food gone bad anytime soon.


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