Wisdom Tooth Out

I went to have a wisdom tooth extracted today. It wasn’t impacted, only buccoverted – meaning that whenever I bite down it cuts into the inside of my mouth.

Initially I was under the impression that the surgery would involve incision, having the tooth broken into smaller bits, and stitches. Instead, my tooth was just yanked out with a giant pair of forceps.

The worst part of the surgery was the anaesthesia jab. There is just something very unsettling about having a giant needle in your mouth.

I learnt from my dentist that Archaeology is 考古学. I almost wanted to talk about the value of teeth to archaeology but decided against it because I was worried the anaesthetic would wear off.

The whole procedure took about 2-3 minutes.


The surgery cost quite a bit (RM110) but it can probably be done for a couple ringgit at a government hospital. I can’t drive so I tend to pick clinics within walking distance.

I was told that I can basically eat whatever I want post-surgery. It is not hurting as much as I expected



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