Are digestive biscuits good for digestion?

Digestive biscuits are whole-wheat biscuit whose origins can be traced to 19th century Scotland.

Are they good for digestion? In short, no. This may sound like false advertising, but the belief at the time of patenting was that large amounts of baking soda would somehow aid digestion.

“It’s plain. It’s the equivalent of the old-fashioned English nursery, where children were always made to eat a slice of bread before the slice of cake. In the cookie world, it’s the equivalent of the bread. It can go soft without losing its shape, and it doesn’t fall easily into your tea when you dunk it, and there’s something in the texture like wet sand that has been dried out, which sounds unpleasant but it’s not”
– Nigella Lawson
(taken from The Washington Post)


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