Bornean Plants: Engkalak

This is the first plant food I am writing about as part of my “Bornean Plants” series. The goal is to try as many jungle/local/wild fruit/plants as I can (hampered slightly by the fact that my plans to go to Bario this summer fell through). Buah Engkalak (Listea garciae) This is a soft fruit which looks […]

KTJ – One year later

It has only been a year since I left Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar, a private boarding school inconspicuously located on the outskirts of Mantin, a small Hakka town in Negeri Sembilan. I am not going to lie: those two years were not an easy time for me. My A-Levels were probably the least of my worries. […]

PPAG KUASA Archaeozoology 2017

I have just spent a week in Penang attending Universiti Sains Malaysia’s (USM) archaeozoology course. (if they had an undergrad programme this is where I’d be going). There were 11 people on the course, and it is aimed at museum/heritage professionals (i.e. grown-ups). Stayed at the USM Guest House which is the building directly opposite […]